About us

About usNorth King Country Health Workforce Development Group includes representatives from Waikato District Health Board (DHB), New Zealand Institute of Rural Health, local government (Waitomo District Council and Otorohanga District Council), and Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology).

The group was established in 2006 to promote North King Country as a preferred destination for health professionals by

  • coordinating a warm welcome and ongoing support for health professionals who come to live and work here
  • fostering an interest in health work and careers among the young people in our local communities.

Some of the group’s initiatives

  • An orientation package that guides new arrivals to the services, support, organisations and activities within our communities.
  • Health careers open days for local high school students.
  • Work experience in health settings for high school students as part of the national Gateway Programme.
  • Scholarships for local students who are pursuing tertiary health education.
  • Joint venture health studies course developed by a local education/training organisation (Wintec) and Te Kuiti Hospital.
  • A website that offers our warm welcome right across the world!

Community-owned strategy

In 2008 the North King Country Health Workforce Development Group set up a community workforce sub-group to prepare a “community owned” strategy for developing, recruiting and retaining an excellent health workforce in North King Country.

This sub-group involved representatives from health services, education providers, community organisations and iwi (local Maori tribal groups) as well as individuals with a passion for promoting the area and developing local health services.

The membership of the community workforce sub-group changes from time to time, depending what activities we are working on.

What  does a “community owned” strategy mean?

It means that all the key organisations in this area work together to make it happen – not just those who provide health services.

That means we have support from

  • schools and education providers
  • local government – district councils and local mayors
  • business community
  • local Māori iwi (tribal groups)
  • our local member of parliament,
  • Waikato District Health Board and the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health.

Orientation package

The purpose of the orientation pack is to provide prospective and new health professionals a snapshot of the North King Country community. Some of this information is also summarised on this website.

The full document is available as PDF.

The material is ‘as at’ 2013, but provides a comprehensive picture of our communities’ services.

The North King Country Orientation Pack for New Health Professionals was developed with input from the North King Country community, and was funded through the Ministry of Health’s Rural Innovations Fund and the Waikato Primary Health King Country Local Advisory Group and Rural Advisory Group.