Working here

Sheryl WatersPerhaps you want a change of scenery, or even country.

Perhaps you already work in rural health, and appreciate what it means.

In rural health, you specialise in being a generalist. You see people, rather than patients. You are a vital and appreciated part of the community, not just a person in a job.

Mike JohnsonWith modern technology you don’t have to compromise professional practice and development just because you work in a country area.

In North King Country, New Zealand, rural health is interesting and varied. We have a wide range of health service providers – some private, some public and some run by community or tribal trusts.

As a group we offer

  • a well-prepared orientation package
  • advice and support to get you (and your family) settled into accommodation and schools
  • collegial and professional support
  • a health sector that works together to attract and keep the workforce it needs
  • a warm welcome into a job, our health sector and our community.

Local facilities and access to hospital care is good. The work can be challenging – but you are not isolated, either personally or professionally. We are a modern, supportive community determined to provide excellent health care for our people, now and in the future.